I’ve had enough. It’s too much. Something must be said, done. It started with an email from a well-intentioned acquaintance. A budding writer, she expressed her appreciation of Undone, celebrated with me its success. I appreciated her kindness. What I didn’t expect were her next words: I’m jealous.  She went on to express the fact that my […]


What a 5-Week Conversation Taught Me About Community

It’s been more than eighteen years now. And yet I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. I’d arrived at the weekend intensive a broken woman. I may have been only twenty-six years old at the time, but life had dealt a few near-lethal blows. Emotionally and spiritually, I was dead inside. I could no longer trust […]


5 Lessons I Learned from a USAF Graduation

He looked amazing in his dress blues, I can tell you that. Pressed and polished in both appearance and character, he stood far taller than his six-foot-two frame. In eight weeks’ time, he’d changed. We’d sent a boy off to Basic Military Training. But the person we saw at graduation two months later was very much […]


Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Craft Your Life {+ a 5 BOOK GIVEAWAY}

For much of my life, I’ve been waiting. Waiting to graduate from high school so I could go to college. Waiting to get through college so I could get married. Waiting to save a little money so we could have children. Waiting for the children to grow up so I could write. Waiting to invest […]