Secrets in the Dark


I’ll never forget the first time God answered my prayers. It was a silly prayer, really. I was no more than four or five years old, living in Arizona with my parents and three-year-old brother. To my delight, a favorite aunt and uncle had come for a short visit. Even then, I loved nothing more than […]

Choosing Thanksgiving

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For most of the world, it was an entirely ordinary day. A Sunday. Nothing spectacular, nothing grand. For the Cushatt family, however, yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. Of course, yesterday wasn’t Thanksgiving Day. Technically. But we pretended it was. I woke up before dawn, children and husband still lost to dreamland. After dressing myself, I headed […]

Red Sea Moments

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It was this time last year—somewhere between November and New Year’s—I sat down to dream about 2014. As a speaker, I try to develop new keynote presentations every year. And I spend the final weeks of one year brainstorming ideas for the next. But I was stumped. Should I talk about Family? Leadership? Complicated relationships? Faux-leather handbags? Then I read Exodus 13-14. […]

The Colors of Connection {+ Book Giveaway!}

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For heaven sakes, this place could use some paint. The hospital hallway stretched out ahead, long and sterile. Whoever thought gray and white appropriate colors for the sick and suffering clearly hadn’t thought the thing through. If I’d felt optimistic when I arrived, the oppressive aura sucked the good vibes right out of me. As if […]