Let’s Catch Up

Chrystal Hurst, Renee Swope & I at the She Speaks Conference in Concord, NC

“Are you Michele Cushatt?” I heard the words as I hustled down the conference hallway toward lunch. Food called my name. Until she did. So I stopped. “Yes, I am.” I reached to wrap my arms around this new friend, always more a hugger than hand-shaker. “Have we met?” I analyzed her face, tried to dig […]

The Definition of Success


Today’s the day. LAUNCH DAY. The new, revamped This Is Your Life podcast with Michael Hyatt is now LIVE. You can listen to the episode via iTunes or watch the video of the entire recording. {Or, if you happen to be my parents, you can do both. Simultaneously. With a small group of neighbors, friends […]

Quote: E. M. Bounds

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A couple months ago, when neck deep in cancer-surgery recovery, a newish friend sent me a care package filled with books. We’d only “met” on Facebook, but otherwise knew little of each other. Still. Books. She knew me well enough. One in particular caught my eye right away and has become a near daily part of […]


You know when you have crazy good news but you can’t share it? And then, after keeping a lid on it for too many weeks, you feel like a tupperware container filled with too many mashed potatoes? Exactly. I’m at the bursting point. But I have good news for the good news: It’s finally time to spill […]

Six Words

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The lesson came packaged in a card. A homemade card, with a colored-pencil picture of a child on the front and these words: “Sending you mighty prayers.” Inside, handwritten messages filled both sides of the fold and the back. Fifty-one of them in all. FIFTY-ONE. In pencil, pen, and colored pencil. Names I didn’t recognize—stranger’s names—ended […]