Why I Choose to Be Public About My Faith

In my career as a writer, speaker and coach, I often find myself faced with a tension: If (and how much) to discuss my faith. Many of my fellow writers and speakers interact with purely faith-based audiences. In spite of variations in spirital practice, sharing their beliefs from the stage or online isn’t an issue; it’s expected. My community, […]


Seeing Beauty in the Everyday {A Guest Post by Kathleen Thompson}

When we fall in love the whole world seems beautiful. The sky is bluer. The sun sunnier. The flowers brighter. The world feels more colorful. We could dance on air. Or even sing in the rain, as Gene Kelly did in the movie “Singing In the Rain.” Love colors our perception. There’s nothing like new […]


The Lost Art of Leaning In

She asked the question—a perceptive and probing question—in the middle of a four-hour dinner. Which, in my opinion, is THE best kind of dinner. And question. After a speaking event, we’d carved out an evening to catch up. The past several months haven’t afforded that kind of long, slow conversation. We were overdue. So, in between bites […]


{Video} Where do You Find Your Value?

If you would’ve asked me a year ago where I found my sense of value and worth, I wouldn’t have hesitated with my nice-and-tidy answer. God. And I believed it. But then life turned upside down. And everything changed. I changed. After two life-altering surgeries, I woke up physically and functionally different. The “Michele” I knew […]