For Want of Beautiful

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I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the woman I saw. She looked old. Unable to wear makeup, dark circles rounded her eyes. In spite of twenty pounds weight loss, her cheeks and lips appeared puffy, swollen. Her skin, chapped red, nose to chest, showed evidence of burns from treatment. Her hair—thinned to half its former […]

Finally! {a note from me & an itty-bitty announcement}


Friends, After years of waiting and nail-biting, the time has finally come! My first book, Undone: A Story Of Making Peace With An Unexpected Life is now a few short weeks away from release (official release date is March 10). To say I’m over-the-moon excited doesn’t even come close to it. When I began plotting […]

The God Who Weeps

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I didn’t expect a Red Sea Moment that morning. As per my new routine, I was up at 5:45 a.m, to take a shower, get dressed, dry my hair (something that’s less and less necessary every day. Boo.). Ready for the day, I headed downstairs and parked myself in my favorite reading chair. Thirty minutes, then I […]

When You Need To Get Your Fight Back

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The earth began to buckle. Outside, the sun was shining, the sky blue and bright. To the ordinary, life-rich person, all seemed well. To me, caught in a web of post-surgery pain and chemo-driven nausea, dark closed in. I was sinking. I can’t do this. Whatever. I’ve run half-marathons, finished countless triathlons. I’ve survived marriage, raised […]



Hi there!  This is Joy from Michele’s team.  I have a special message for you from one of Michele’s good friends, Kathi Lipp. Friends- So many of you have asked if there is a specific way you can support Michele during this time of radiation treatment and chemo. We’d love to invite you in to […]