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  1. Think of you often, Michelle…5 kids to 8 kids to 6 kids. There is a story there and I’m betting it was bit stress free. My permanent e-mail has changed, thus, the post :-). I’ve been pondering God’s calling for our life as we age. A colleague and I were discussing a music progrM at a local school and how much it needed new “blood”, so to speak, because the chair of the dept was “over the hill”. I mentioned that I had been thinking of applying to teach part-time. He looked at me with a surprised face and said “you’re over the hill too, you know.” it never dawned on me that I might be considered “over the hill”. Wow, me, the one who sang operatic rez, soled with symphonies, gave concerts in churches across the US? Me, the one who established Children’s Choirs that exist in 2 cities today, the one who has taught hundreds of children and adults to sing, read music and bring music to the world? I’m “over the hill”, washed up? I told feel obsolete. Surely there is more for mr to do before I hang it up and say I’m done. Why must I be judged by the few cretins hairs and the slight limp in my gait? My mind is still bright, seasoned with the wisdom of age.