{Video} What Rough Edges are Holding You Back?

Today’s video is short and sweet. But I hope it ignites contemplation and dialogue that lasts far longer. You see, today’s clip is all about rough edges, our rough edges. The many ugly flaws—internal and external—that we hide and try to clean up before we connect with each other. Although I’m all for self-improvement, for delivering our best selves, for too […]


{Video} Is What You See on Facebook Real?

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. With all of social media, for that matter. On the one hand, I enjoy the regular interaction with friends and family. I’m much more able to keep up with their day-to-day lives than ever before. In addition, I enjoy developing new friendships, connections that likely wouldn’t have been made if not for the Internet. […]


{Video} How Can You Help Someone Who’s Struggling?

Monday night we had dinner with friends. Actually, we delivered dinner to friends. A husband and wife and house full of children who are currently in over their heads in a crisis. Because the wife and mama is beatin’ down breast cancer. So we made vegetable beef stew. And chocolate chip cookies. Because, DUH. Chocolate chip cookies. And then […]


{Video} Does God Use Imperfect People?

Sometimes great questions have uncomfortable answers. Recently I was asked the following question (paraphased) during a radio interview: The church is supposed to be a safe place for imperfect people. But often it seems it’s more full of plastic and pretense than real, down-to-earth, in-progress people. How do we get the church to become a haven […]


An Intimate Glimpse Into The Undone Life

The date was Saturday, March 7, 2015. Not quite four months ago. It was three weeks after my last hospital stay, the hospital stay during which my beloved doctors took me to “the brink.” Their words, not mine. But on March 7, I was home. Recovering. Sort of. Enter nine people. Video crew, make-up artist, a living room […]