Finally! {a note from me & an itty-bitty announcement}


Friends, After years of waiting and nail-biting, the time has finally come! My first book, Undone: A Story Of Making Peace With An Unexpected Life is now a few short weeks away from release (official release date is March 10). To say I’m over-the-moon excited doesn’t even come close to it. When I began plotting […]

The God Who Weeps

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I didn’t expect a Red Sea Moment that morning. As per my new routine, I was up at 5:45 a.m, to take a shower, get dressed, dry my hair (something that’s less and less necessary every day. Boo.). Ready for the day, I headed downstairs and parked myself in my favorite reading chair. Thirty minutes, then I […]

When You Need To Get Your Fight Back

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The earth began to buckle. Outside, the sun was shining, the sky blue and bright. To the ordinary, life-rich person, all seemed well. To me, caught in a web of post-surgery pain and chemo-driven nausea, dark closed in. I was sinking. I can’t do this. Whatever. I’ve run half-marathons, finished countless triathlons. I’ve survived marriage, raised […]

A Child Is Born


Let The Stable Still Astonish by Leslie Leyland Fields Let the stable still astonish: Straw-dirt floor, dull eyes, Dusty flanks of donkeys, oxen; Crumbling, crooked walls; No bed to carry that pain, And then, the child, Rag-wrapped, laid to cry In a trough. Who would have chosen this? Who would have said: “Yes, Let the […]

Secrets in the Dark


I’ll never forget the first time God answered my prayers. It was a silly prayer, really. I was no more than four or five years old, living in Arizona with my parents and three-year-old brother. To my delight, a favorite aunt and uncle had come for a short visit. Even then, I loved nothing more than […]