Why the Undone Life

There are a lot of strong voices and heated opinions being thrown around on the Internet. Opinions about politics. Suffering. Injustices. Current events. And, of course, FAITH. Faith seems to always be at the center of any debate.

But in the midst of all the noise and vitriol, what we don’t have enough of is connection. Tight and unflinching relationship. The kind of relationship that loves a good conversation and isn’t the least bit afraid of differences. The kind where we can circle up and ask the questions we’re too afraid to ask anywhere else.

The kind of relationships where judgement doesn’t show up, anything goes, and love never leaves.

That’s what we’re doing right here, right now. We’re creating a place where you and I can ask hard questions and share honest conversation in our quest for answers. It’s not about solving every problem, resolving every angst, or coming to perfect agreement.

It’s about believing God’s reality even when we can’t unravel His mystery. And searching for real faith and real community, right here in the middle of the mess.

Sound like a conversation you want to join? I hope so. We wouldn’t be the same without you.

What you can expect

  • A seasonal podcast, released three to four times per year
  • Eight podcast episodes per season, centered around a specific topic/theme
  • A final ASK MICHELE ANYTHING episode where you get to lead the conversation with YOUR QUESTIONS.

Season 1

Faith & Pain

How do we hold steadfast in our faith when life crumbles around us? Join me for conversations with real people that wrestled with their faith through the hardest that life can throw at you and why they still believe He is a GOOD Father.


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Other Podcasts Michele Hosts

This is Your Life is no longer recording but past episodes can be found by clicking the image below. Communicator Academy is released every Monday and is co-hosted with Kathi Lipp with a focus on authors and speakers honing their craft and building their businesses. By clicking on the Communicator Academy image below, we’ll take you directly to the latest episode.

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