Blended Family Resources: Pass It On!

Blended Family Resources: Pass It On!

Over the past 6 weeks I’ve heard from many of you who listened to the November 15th Focus on the Family program. Thank you for all the emails and phone calls! It was a beautiful and redemptive experience for me. On November 17th, I returned to Focus on the...

Conflict: The Gloves Are Off

“Anger is a secondary emotion.” I said this to one of my boys the other day, and he looked at me like I was nuts. Maybe, or maybe my timing was off. He was, after all, rather angry. Still, I didn’t know this until the past few years. If only...

Me and My Dirty Mouth

In keeping with this week’s theme, here’s a glimpse of one of my less glorious moments. A Sunday morning exchange in the church foyer with a fellow churchgoer: *** Me: “Hey! How are you?” (squeals and hugs exchanged) Her: “Hi! I’m...

Ten Tips to a Great Interview

Recently I eavesdropped on a line of people interviewing for a job at a local bookstore establishment. The first in line had the fresh ear of the interviewer and the greatest opportunity to make a good first impression. Alas, he did not. He showed up in jeans,...

Our Secret to Kid-Friendly Dinner Conversation

Friday I posted 20 questions to creatively fill up conversation dead space. If you haven’t noticed, our conversations are in major need of some fresh life. We’ve grown lazy in our ability to connect with one another. This is tough to do the older we get....

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