Platform, by Michael Hyatt (and why you should wait to buy it)

Platform, by Michael Hyatt (and why you should wait to buy it)

Do you have a message burning in your soul? A product that could change the world? A manuscript you want to sell? Keep reading. One of my great privileges is working with an incredible team of people. Not a day goes by that I don’t recognize how blessed I am to...

Ten Tips to a Great Interview

Recently I eavesdropped on a line of people interviewing for a job at a local bookstore establishment. The first in line had the fresh ear of the interviewer and the greatest opportunity to make a good first impression. Alas, he did not. He showed up in jeans,...

The Writer’s 2 Non-Negotiable Platform Boosters

This past weekend I gave two presentations at the Douglas County Libraries Author Extravaganza writers conference. Nearly 200 local writers and presenters were in attendance. I made new friends, learned fascinating craft and market information, drank fabulous orange...

Words to Avoid When Writing

Writers spend their days with words. Nursing, coddling, weighing and occasionally wrestling a wayward one to the floor. There are a few pesky critters, however, that need to be shot. Often over-used, these words are speed bumps to a reader, interrupting the groove and...

A Colorado Community of Writers

Writing can be an isolating endeavor. You hole up behind your screen, grab emergency snacks, and tap, tap, tap until your brain is fried and your fingers numb (and derriere huge … but I digress). Then begins that painstaking process of submitting, waiting,...

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