Lions, Tigers, and …Wildebeast, Oh My

Jul 7, 2008

We spent today (Saturday) at the Moreson Lion Park, approximately 1 1/2 hours from the Thrive Base. Before I get into all that, the reason we didn’t do ministry today is because of the number of funerals in Intabazwe on Saturdays. Few families are home, and pastors are busy officiating.  According to Thrive’s most recent statistic, a South African dies of AIDS every one minute. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around those numbers. How is that possible? DSC_0192

Okay, back to the lion park…Check out the picture below.  Yes, this is Troy and me playing with baby lions. Actually, these babies are more like out-of-control teenagers. And based on their feisty attitude and attempts to eat Troy’s leg, I’d say they’re about two weeks from being promoted to the big-boy pen.


After a short safari, during which we saw lions, tigers and a more-than-slightly mental wildebeast (Not kidding. He was nuts), we had the privilege (?) of watching the 2:30 feeding of the BIG lions. Honestly, I could have lived without the PG-13 show, especially after eating lunch. But the guys were completely captivated.

As the workers heaved horse carcass (again, not kidding) through the fence, I looked for the weakest member of our group. Everyone knows if a lion escapes on a rampage, you merely have to outrun the slowest person to survive.

100_5292100_5253Thank the Lord in heaven, Lauren (a.k.a. “Lion Bait”) is wearing a rather heavy and confining boot on her right leg, prescribed by her doctor as a result of a basketball injury.

Piece ‘a cake. I can outrun her, no problem.


  1. Jan @ Bold & Free

    They don’t look that fierce! I think they just want a hug. LOL.

  2. Ken

    Okay Michele, I am hooked on your blog. I have added you site to my blog role of favorites. I love the design too.

  3. Robbie Iobst

    I am laughing out loud! You goof!

  4. Deb Juliot

    It was great to see photos and read your blog! My son, Jake is greatly missed here but I know he is having a great time!! Thanks for keeping the “parents” connected!!!

  5. Alyse Wulff

    Hi Michele, I don’t know you, but I love reading the blog! My brother Kevin is there in your group, and I love to see what you are all up to. Kevin, Mitch, Jake, Tara and Alex are all missed, but family and friends are keeping up through your blog, so thank you! God bless, and may He be with you through the rest of your amazing journey there!

  6. Kay Day

    Ha ha! If that doesn’t work, you can always trip someone. Its always good to have a plan.

  7. Tracy

    You crack me up girlfriend………..Are you sure you can outrun the girl with the boot???? hehehehe Just kidding. Wow, playing with Lions, so cool. And doing all this in the midst of sharing the Lord with a beautiful people. You and your crew are such a blessing!


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