Come Be My Light 2 No, I’m not Catholic, but I’m quickly developing a fondness–actually something more akin to deep respect–for the servant Mother Teresa. Granted, the recently published book, Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light (Doubleday, 2007) has generated a fair amount of controversy over the her apparent deep bouts with doubt and discouragement. Though revered as a saint, she also struggled in her faith as she fought for the poor and broken in India. This appears to be threatening to some who believe the Christian faith can not withstand the humanity of one of her most ardent followers. I, on the other hand, find her doubts and struggles quite reassuring. She was–in the truest sense of the word–human after all. It is pure relief to this doubt-plagued, sometimes discouraged but, still, Christ-following woman.

I’ve only just begun to read this collection of her letters and thoughts, and, therefore, can’t make any definitive comments or judgments regarding the overall work. However, the little I have read stirs within me a desire to dive deeper into the heart of God and, hopefully, (though it will certainly require more internal wrestling matches), expand my heart’s capacity to truly love and serve the unlovely and outcast in our world.

I wrap up today’s words with a few borrowed ones from the afore-mentioned book. If you have a minute or two, I’d appreciate a few of yours added to the mix. Post your thoughts and I’ll be sure to respond.

I feel sometimes afraid, for I have nothing, no brains, no learning, no qualities required for such a work, and yet I tell Him that my heart is free from everything and so it belongs completely to Him, and Him alone. He can use me just as it will please Him best. To please Him only is the joy I seek.

–Mother Teresa (Kolodiejchuk, pg. 67)

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