Here you go … pictures of the construction chaos (and the very good reason why I’m only sporadically posting this month). I realize our family’s newest adventure seems to have little to do with the purpose of this blog. However, it’s more related than you think. My husband and I started this business (Apex@Home, LLC) over four years for multiple reasons, a primary one being our heart’s desire to both participate in and fund worldwide missions efforts, including building needs. To date, building has been done in Africa, Slidell, LA and Juarez, Mexico.

Anyway, back to the photos…First, here are some "before" pics to get your going. First, the kitchen…Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

And the master…

Master Bed Master Bath

The family room…


And living room from the view of the curved staircase…

Living 2

That should give you a good idea of what the REST of the house looked like before we began. Now, as of today, all demo has been completed and we are in the process of "rebuilding" the house. The below pictures are what I like to call "Stage 1":

The Kitchen (kind of)…

Kitchen Stage 1

Kitchen 3 Stage 1

Kitchen 2 Stage 1

The Master…

Master Bath Stage 1 Master Bath 2 Stage 1

And what was once known as "the family room" and "the living room"…Family Room Living Stage 1

There you have it. Welcome to our home. I’ll post more pics when its finished. For now, thanks for coming over (and for your longsuffering while I drown in drywall mud!).

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