The Final Countdown…

Sep 13, 2008

Just in case you’re considering it, a home renovation project is a black hole that sucks you in and threatens to never let you go…I speak from experience. I managed to escape for these few moments to post updated pics. You make a request, I reply. Even from my black hole.

After nearly 6 weeks of living, eating, and breathing this home project, we’re completely exhausted. The kind where you might end up curled in a ball and crying for your mama. Not kidding. The good news is we’re finally 1 week away from moving in. I hope. There is some question as to "how much" of it will be done and ready for inhabitants. Well, enough talk…check it out for yourself:

Family Room Stage 2

The Family Room

Kitchen Stage 2

The Kitchen (Underneath all that plastic and paper sit some cabinets. It really IS a kitchen. I promise.)

Living Stage 2

The Living Room

Master Bath Stage 2

The Master Bath Shower (Take your last look at the lovely pink hues…it will be gone by Monday)

Master Bed Stage 2

Master Bedroom

New Windows

New windows (without cracks! And note the beautiful casing crafted by my ever-talented husband)

And, finally….

Guest Bath Stage 2

One "nearly" completed bathroom shower.

Still much to do before next Friday, but Troy is a magician. Watch him wave the wand and make it happen (well, most of it…)

In the meantime, thanks for hangin’ in with me as I’ve been drowning. We are nearing the end, and I am anxious to get back to real life and time with you! I have so much news…another upcoming Africa trip, interesting world events, poignant book reads, and current thoughts and perspectives. I can’t wait to fill you in, and then all about your thoughts in return.

Meet you back here in a week (or two…)!


  1. Jan Parrish

    Michele, It’s looking amazing! I love the master shower. Love to do something like that with my place but there is no room!

    We miss you. Can’t wait until you come out of the black hole. 🙂

  2. Jerolyn

    Wow, Michele, what a transformation. And in the end, isn’t that what life with Christ is all about? Sometimes I wish it would only take 6 weeks (+ or -) to transform me instead of a lifetime. Can’t wait to hear your news. Africa???
    Miss you!

  3. Megan DiMaria

    Wow! You do have a magician working there! Congratulations.

  4. Jan Parrish

    Waiting to see the moved in pictures. 🙂


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