DCW Recap

Oct 24, 2008

DCW_8 Last night I returned from another incredible week at DCW (Dynamic Communicators Workshops, for those who aren’t familiar with my world). Incredible training, amazing staff, hungry students ready to learn and apply. Though the days are long and intense, I always come home simultaneously depleted and full. This week was no exception.

My leader and dear friend, Ken Davis, is brilliant. I never tire of watching him teach and inspire with so much passion and finesse. He was made for this, and his genius when it comes to excellence in communication makes me want to do what I do better. To keep up with Ken and add a few lighter moments to your day, check out his blog here and follow him on twitter here. Seriously, it’s worth your time.

Speaking of, I am now a twitter-er myself. I originally planned to dive into the twitter world a few weeks ago, but life became chaotic and twitter was tabled. Until this week. My blogging expert friends Ken Davis, Spence Smith and Randy Elrod pushed me right off the diving board and into the Twitter pool. To follow me on twitter (and I love the company of crazy friends) go to www.twitter.com/michelecushatt.

This week I met and reconnected with too many amazing people to recount in this post. I’m in the process of updating my blog, and hopefully will have links for some of these new friends added in the side bar within the week. However, a couple of my favorite connections include the aforementioned Randy Elrod (creative culture influencer, writer, speaker, consultant), who heads re:create, a conference to encourage, refresh and ignite creativity in ministry and more. I hear I’ll be attending in February … would love to see you there. Another is Spence Smith (writer, speaker, traveler, musician). I am drawn to authenticity, and Spence seems about as real as they come. Check out his blog–you’ll find snapshots of real life and tangible encouragement and insight.

Of course, I can’t help but mention two friends and fellow writers from CO who took a leap of faith by attending DCW, threw themselves entirely into the process and came out shining. Robbie Iobst and Chris Richards, two up-and-comers you need to keep an eye on (I’m proud of you, girls).

Perhaps the most compelling connection came over a few minutes shared at the dinner table with a Rwandan man named Peter. His story left me speechless. Plucked off the streets as a homeless teenager, he was rescued by a field representative for Compassion International, and eventually sponsored by a family (if you haven’t yet sponsored a child, please consider doing so now). Now, decades later, Peter lives in the US and travels as a speaker and advocate for the organization which probably saved his life. Sincere, determined, passionate and in love with Jesus. All words to describe this man who is using the worst of life to turn around and offer his best.

And that’s what being true is all about.


  1. Deanna Trethewey

    Just read your blog and your week sounds just amazing. I’m so glad these are wonderful opportunities for you and how God uses you and yet fills your life with so much.

    Love you, mom

  2. Jan Parrish

    Great informative post. I can’t do Twitter right now. Just one more thing to do. I’m trying to simplify so I have more time to write.

  3. spence

    great post! great time and you are way to kind my friend…


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