Here you go … the first installment in our Seven4Seven adventure. In case you missed it, the original post with details about Seven4Seven is posted here. Remember, the goal is to read through the Bible chronologically in a year-ish. No stress, no guilt, no obligation. It’s all about relationship. And the best way to take your relationship with God (or anyone else for that matter) to the next level is to spend some time hanging out with Him and His words. Remember, you can subscribe for email reminders in the sidebar, or just keep checking this blog every Sunday.

Nuf said. And so we begin…

Day 1 (Monday): Genesis 1-3

Day 2: Genesis 4-7

Day 3: Genesis 8-11

Day 4: Job 1-5

Day 5: Job 6-9

Day 6: Job 10-13

Day 7: Job 14-16