Reading the book of Job this week against backdrop of Thanksgiving presented a striking (almost uncomfortable?) contrast. Unequalled grief alongside abundant thanksgiving. Seems like oil and water to me, but perhaps they can coexist? Maybe not in the traditional jumping-up-an-down-in-joy variation of thanksgiving. But to maintain a heart of gratitude while mired in the depths of  great loss–well, that would be something, wouldn’t it?

Ready for week 3? All of Job’s mis-directed friends have said their piece. Now, time for a few more words from the Word himself.

Day 15 (Monday): Job 40-42

Day 16: Genesis 12-15

Day 17: Genesis 16-18

Day 18: Genesis 19-21

Day 19: Genesis 22-24

Day 20: Genesis 25-26

Day 21: Genesis 27-29