Joseph is, HANDS DOWN, one of my heroes. Why? Because he figured out how to thrive in a Plan B.

Seldom does life turn out like you think. You have dreams, make plans. And then, out of the blue, the plan gets derailed and you end up trying to live in a whole new paradigm. Been there. Done that. Joseph? He learned how to adapt wherever he landed. And even in the silence of God, he pressed on.

The majority of Joseph’s story ticks me off. He faced a crazy amount of injustice, which is one of my hot buttons. I rail against unfairness, ridiculous since life is seldom (if ever?) fair. I know the logic, but can’t help it anyway. I want 2+2=4, and when it doesn’t? Yikes.

Rather than pine away in his Plan B, however, Joseph LIVED. He reached out to people, made a difference, changed his world–even when his world encompassed a little something called “jail.” And THAT would be why Joseph is

my hero.

More about Joseph this week. Better get crackin’.

  • Day 29 (Monday): Genesis 48-50
  • Day 30: Exodus 1-3
  • Day 31: Exodus 4-6
  • Day 32: Exodus 7-9
  • Day 33: Exodus 10-12
  • Day 34: Exodus 13-15
  • Day 35: Exodus 16-18

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