On December 27, 2009, via a post at TimesOnline.com, a professed Atheist made a shocking profession: “I truly believe Africa needs God.” His claim caught my attention, to say the least. And his comments haven’t released me since. Check out the entire article here.

I found the read both intriguing and refreshing. I admire anyone able to acknowledge truth, especially when it conflicts with their professed framework, because I realize the admittance of such places a premium on truth over self.

I only cringe at one, what I would call, discrepancy.

If indeed Mr. Parris is adamant in his refusal of the existence of God, then I believe encouraging soul-hungry Africans in this belief to be somewhat deceptive. Offering HOPE that is rooted in anything but TRUTH is not only wrong, but (maybe?) cruel. Like throwing a lifeline to a drowning man knowing it’ll never float.

Of course, I believe WHOLEHEARTEDLY that, YES, Africa needs God as it needs air to breathe. He is the only permanent solution to the thick fog of hopelessness and passivity I both saw and felt while there. The only difference between Mr. Parris and myself is that I believe the One Africa needs is REAL. Still, his words are full of an honest transparency I rarely see, and I applaud him for it, regardless of our differences in belief.

Parris notes, “In Africa Christianity changes people’s hearts. It brings a spiritual transformation. The rebirth is real. The change is good.” So true. And this change happens simply because the lifeline of a very REAL God is cast by REAL people who know the truth and care enough to share it.

Now that’s something to keep you afloat.

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