The Old Testament is a tough read. Agreed? Like trying to find a destination using an incomplete map. Half the time, my head pounds as my questions multiply like bunnies. Isn’t the Bible supposed to hold the answers?

Makes me think of a suspense/thriller movie. For 1 hour and 45 minutes I sit on the edge of my seat trying to figure out how the pieces of the story are going to resolve. Plot twists, character morphs, tension elements come together in what appears to be ABSOLUTE CHAOS. A good ending is out of the question. Nothing makes sense!

Until the last 15 minutes. That’s when it all comes together.

If you look at the Old Testament by itself, and miss viewing it against the bigger story, it will appear as unexplainable chaos. If you walk out early, all those loose ends will leave you hanging, a good ending out of the question. However, if you press on, keep reading, knowing the Hero is just around the corner…

All I’m saying is this is one movie you don’t want to walk out on. Keep reading, okay? And, if you need a little encouragement, that’s what the comments are for. It’s all about community, and I’m WITH you.

  • Day 57 (Monday): Numbers 7
  • Day 58: Numbers 8-10
  • Day 59: Numbers 11-13
  • Day 60: Numbers 14-15, Psalm 90
  • Day 61: Numbers 16-17
  • Day 62: Numbers 18-20
  • Day 63: Numbers 21-22