Takin’ the Gloves Off

Feb 9, 2009

Ever since I went to my first Avalanche game back in ’99, I’ve been a hockey fan. That was back when I worked sales, sat in club level seats and a waiter brought me a new beverage every time I flinched. More than the perks, I loved the game. I’m sure this will come as a huge surprise to you (uh, maybe not), but I love how aggressive it is. All the checking, gloves flying, men pummeling each other on the ice … better than therapy.

I went to another a hockey game Saturday night. This time at the Air Force Academy. The match between USAFA and UConn was a good one, game tied 1-1 until the final period when we pulled ahead and won 4-1. Much to my sadness, the violence was kept to a relative minimum: no bloody noses, broken knuckles or shattered glass (I’ve seen that happen). But, there were some great lay-em-flat checks which made me think:

What if we could do a little relational checking?

You know, someone starts acting up, talking smack, being generally annoying as heck. You and everyone else has had enough of the ridiculous, and so you throw off the gloves, lower a shoulder, take a deep breath and … teach ’em a lesson or two about manners. A few moments laying flat should keep ’em in check, dontchathink? Worst case scenario, you end up in the penalty box for a couple minutes. More than worth it. Then the gloves go back on, you offer each other a good-sport smack on the rear and it’s back to playing the game.

Only this time the other guy knows he better keep his nonsense under wraps.

Just dreaming here, but I can already think of a few people …



  1. alece

    hell yeah!

  2. alece

    i mean… me? no! never! who would ever think such a horrible thing!?


  3. Dena Netherton

    I don’t think you needed to write a retraction. “What if’s” are just that: what if? What if I could just speak my heart and not get creamed? What if I could just ask that line-jumper to wait his turn? What if I could just say “no” to a pushy family member? What if I weren’t so afraid to establish dignified boundaries?
    You expressed what I’m sure we all think. Thanks for your courage!

  4. Ken

    Retraction? I don’t think so. I do believe the more aggressive responses should be reserved for people who are rude and obnoxious and those who don’t know the difference between humorous satire born out of the frustration of so few options for handling bad behavior. and real aggression. Lighten up! All I know is that I am grateful for several checks I have received over the years from people who recognized my boorish or selfish behavior. They woke me up to reality. Jesus threw a few well placed checks during his time here as well. This was a good blog Michele. Be encouraged. And don’t get between me and the glass.

  5. Cindy

    I totally love this post. I agree that no retraction was needed. You were just sharing a “dream” that we all possess. I know working where I work, that it would be nice to “check” some people. We all grow when we are “checked”. At least we should. Nough said. Keep moving forward. All your posts are great.

  6. Darcie

    This is awesome, Michele. My best friend, Stinky, and I used tp play racquet ball once a week while we were single. We’d name the ball after the jerk-of-the-day and smash away.

    Honestly, I think there’s something healthy about releasing aggression. I also will teach my kid to fight back if someone accosts hiim. None of this mamby-pamby conflict-resolution crap. Mean people need to know their mean behavior gets them nowhere but down.

  7. Michele

    I love your comments and suggestions…Thanks for the insight!

    Here’s to checking and being checked!


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