I’m overwhelmed. Not frantic, but heavy with realization. This makes me quiet, which freaks everyone out a little. As if the Earth stopped spinning and pigs are flying or something, which would be highly amusing if I wasn’t so dang melancholy.

Here’s the deal: Has anyone else noticed the masses of deeply hurting people lately? It’s … well … overwhelming. Everywhere I turn, dear people stand neck deep in a pit of pain. It doesn’t matter what you call it, this is some tough stuff. Like watching a lost child try to find her way home. I want to do something, say something, but I’m not always sure of the right move. Lucky for me, I’ve been lost a time or two myself, and I’ve discovered a secret:

Sometimes the lost just need a little company.

More than a sermon or a cliche, those who hurt need a little presence. Someone who’ll hang with them for a while, let them unload the heartache, help sort through reality. Next time your path crosses that of a hurting heart, try pulling this out of your back pocket:

“I’m with you.”

Chances are, that’s what she needs to hear the very most.