Ice Cream For Dinner

Mar 4, 2009

How creative are you?

I think of myself as creative most times, until I realize I’m in a habit of doing the same things, the same way, every day. Great for consistency, but not so great for creativity. Which is why, sometimes, I like to spice things up. Just a little. Get myself out of the rut and into the extraordinary.

McNair Wilson spoke at the Writing For The Soul Conference a couple weeks ago. I know, I know. You’ve heard me mention both before. The thing is I like to promote the skillage of my friends. And this friend has skills–creativity skills. Bigtime. In a dynamic story-like presentation he calls “Recapturing Your Creative Spirit” he talks about the 4 Habits of Creative People:

  1. Take Risks
  2. Challenge Assumptions
  3. Stay Curious
  4. See Differently

So, about that gargantuan piece of ice cream pie which made up the sole contents of my dinner last night …

Certainly, it was a risk. I ran 4 miles this morning, and will have to do it eight more times today to compensate. Highly dangerous behavior. Second, who says ice cream is only for dessert? I revel in the chance to challenge such ridiculous assumptions. Third, my curiosity over whether or not the hot fudge and almond drizzled ice cream still tasted just as heavenly as last time drove me to it’s consumption. And, finally, I see that creativity expressed can take many different forms.

Because sometimes all it takes to boost your creative skillage is to think beyond the expected status quo and, every once in a while, eat ice cream for dinner.


  1. Diane Shaw

    Oh for a bowl of ice cream. I have so been wanting one for weeks but if I go out and buy a carton I am afraid I will eat all of it in one sitting! How many miles would I have to run, oops, I don’t run I walk. That would be a lot of miles. Never mind. I’ll go eat something dull and uncreative. Maybe ice cream next week if I feel the urge to “take a risk.”

  2. alece

    i’m so uncreative. blech.

    [i love that you ate ice cream for dinner!]

  3. Michele

    i love that i ate ice cream for dinner, too. mucho delish. 🙂

  4. Heidi

    Ice cream for dinner what’s wrong with that. I even had it for breakfast!

    My creativity always finds me in the wee morning hours with a quilt and a cup of tea. OR in a busy mall as I sit on the bench.

    I like this 4 points. I have some writing to do.

    Oh Ya!!

  5. Rhonda

    I would say that you should “create” more often! I can suggest other ways to stir your creative passions as well….


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