In January, I posted two back-to-back articles birthed of my love of football and admiration of Kurt Warner and his Arizona Cardinals. It all started with Leading From The Bench (Part I) and was followed by Mission or Position (Part II).

The topic feels unfinished, probably because the second post ended on negative note. The list of questions in Mission or Position were birthed of a long road of challenges. From time to time my love for the team and commitment to the mission has been hijacked by 1). My need to please and 2). My disappointment with other members or leaders in the team. As you can imagine, such a platform doesn’t make for solid leadership. To be blunt, one of my greatest lessons learned is this:

If I’m serious about leading the team, I can start by getting over myself.

I realize that’s a broad, somewhat sweeping statement. After some lengthy introspection, I’ve unpacked it. A little. So here’s Part III. A list of positive to-dos to make your style more about the team and mission, and less about all the other garbage:

  • Actively (daily) look for ways to promote the causes of others.
  • See the people around you as THE END, not the means to the end.
  • Share credit, or, better yet, just give it all away.
  • Always be in the process of grooming someone else for what you do.
  • Fulfill your call with determined passion, but hang on to your position loosely.
  • Release your need for attention and approval.
  • Become skilled at giving regular (authentic!) affirmation.
  • Receive positive feedback with humility, and don’t allow it to become your meat and potatoes.
  • Open forums for safe dialogue and disclosure of criticism. Make sure you’re teachable.
  • Stay mission-focused, and make decisions based on the success of the mission, even if it means you won’t be a part of it.

Anything to add?

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