The Great Unknown

Mar 17, 2009

The first step into Risk is the toughest to take.

A close second is every step that follows. This past week at the Professional Communicators Summit, in a room packed with possibilities, a few people dared to take that first step. Dreaming and risking draped the room like art. And it was beautiful.

For three long and hard days, Ken Davis and Danny de Armas shared their secrets to making career goals a marketable reality, equipping the dreamers with a little business know-how to make it all happen. It’s good stuff. Seriously good stuff. I went because it’s part of what I do. My job, sure, but a job I believe in and am stoked about. And something I do even when I’m having coffee with a writer or taking a walk with a friend. I love seeing other people succeed. At the same time, I have a few of my own dreams I’m trying to wrestle into reality.

This entire process makes my head hurt. Here’s why: Stepping into The Great Unknown is tough. As much as I love to dream, the future is intimidating and risky, enough so that sometimes it’s easier to just stay put in The Predictable rather than take that first step.

So, I’m asking you straight up: What’s your dream? And what Risk is keeping your feet from taking a gamble on The Great Unknown? Maybe your next step is to dare to say it out loud. RIGHT HERE.

You can do it. YES, you CAN. What’s living without a little risk? One foot in front of the other, baby. I’m with you.


  1. whittakerwoman

    Hey… post. Carlos and I are in the midst of this. Sorry I did not say good bye, I did not have a car so I was at the mercy of others! It was fun for the second. I have a quesiton for you that is not blog related. What is your email? H

  2. Deana

    Stepping into the great unknown is tough. I’m a control freak in the sense that I want gaurenteed results. 😉

    Letting go of things is tough as well. My greatest gift coming to the Summit, was finding a place to begin again. I’m so glad that I did not talk myself out of it.

    Great post.

  3. Michele

    H, sent you an email this afternoon. I’m always up for a question and the conversation that follows…

  4. Michele

    Deana, don’t tell but I like to go for the guarantee over the unknown, too. Play it safe. Problem is I miss out on the extraordinary. Time to take a risk!

  5. Deana

    Great thought – missing out on the extraordinary. That is an excellent way to put that.

  6. Scot Longyear

    Will the dream remain a dream? Will it stay in the safe confines of the recesses of our mind? Will we shake it off when the reality of morning comes? Will we toss it aside because there is to much of what we mistakenly call “life” in the way? Will fear keep the dream locked up?

    Or will we say, Hi, my name is [insert your name] and I am [insert your dream].

    Shake off the cobwebs. Wipe the sleep from tired eyes. Let’s grab a hold of the dream and bring it violently into reality. Let’s cheer each other on as the line between what is dreamed and what is real disappears.

  7. Michele

    Scot … WELL SAID. Anything I’d add would only take away from what you so brilliantly penned. Thanks for sharing and cheering at the same time.


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