“Two weeks earlier I’d been Chase Falson, founding pastor of the largest contemporary evangelical church in New England. My fourteen years in the ministry were a church-growth success story. I’d considered myself one of the privileged few the heavens endowed with a perfectly true compass. I’d known who I was and where I was going, and I’d been certain one day I would see the boxes neatly checked off next to each of my life goals … That world had detonated ten days ago. Gazing down on the terracotta roofs dotting the approaching Tuscan hills, I found myself on a forced leave of absence, and chances were good that when I returned home I would be out of a job.” (excerpt from Chasing Francis, Ian Morgan Cron, pg. 13, 15)

If the boxes of your life goals sit beautifully penned and checked with perfection, this will mean nothing to you. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.

For me, these would be the words responsible for breaching my internal dam. By the time I was 16, I’d carefully orchestrated my entire life, so beautifully composed you could almost hear angelic voices singing in the background. My compass?

Love God + Live Right = Dreams Come True

Faulty theology. Sometimes you can work overtime to do all the right things and still end up off compass. For longer than I’d care to admit, I’ve been frantically trying to get my neat little list back on track. Now I believe I’ve been using the wrong compass to navigate the wrong list. So, I’ve decided to get comfortable in the mess. Become part of it, search for God in the midst of it, enjoy the people around me, and hold on to all the other agendas LOOSELY.

How about you? Has your life gone according to plan?