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Mar 24, 2009

Yesterday I took the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II and the DiSC Classic. To me this was about as fun as going to the dentist. It may be good for me but I’m not thrilled about having someone dig around inside.

It took less than an hour, followed by 45 minutes of hashing through the results with a trained evaluator. Ok, so I admit that part was interesting. He said things like, “I would guess that in a social situation you … And perhaps there are times at work when you feel … and when faced with a crisis or challenge you probably respond like … ”

Holy Macaroni. This man is a fortune teller. Seriously, it was like he lived IN MY HEAD. Freaked me out and then made me laugh out loud. I felt UNDERSTOOD.

So, here’s the results: I’m a borderline INFJ/ENFJ (Keirsey) and an C/I (DiSC). The “introvert” piece was surprising, since most people assume I’m a raging extrovert. Actually, I’m split right down the middle on that one. I won’t explain all the results, since I’m so over the self-indulgence. You can check out the links above if you’re interested. And, if you want to play around with an online test yourself, go here.

YOUR TURN. Since my private self is posting this, I’m asking you to do a little of the same. I want to know about YOU. You know, when it comes to relationships, it takes a little bravery to experience the extraordinary.

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  1. deanaohara

    INFJ’s rock grilfriend! – I took that test when I was 30 while working in Telecom. It’s pretty cool.

    I can’t remember my percentages, but I seem to think the I and the E were pretty split. I’m also a Sanguine/Melancholy according to another test I did at a retreat 10 years ago.

    It just boils down to – I love being around people, but it’s solitude that feeds me. I need to be careful not to isolate myself. – I’m sure that’s part of what they told you.

    The boxes are preferences, not limitations. And that’s a good thing,

  2. jimvining

    ESFJ in the house. The J & P were close – I like to plan really well and then blow off the plan.
    High I on the Disc … inspiration (I think)
    I am an admitted dork … but I really like those tests.
    If you want to go really hard core try the Birkman. Wow.
    I have a friend who can hook you up.

  3. whittakerwoman

    I love learning about myself but hate taking tests like those. I never know the right answer! H

  4. Lucille

    The Keirsey Sorter II is a good one. You can take it online for relatively little money. I can’t remember what I am…ENFP? I’ll have to dig through my Career Counseling notes.

  5. Michele

    Jim – “I like to plan really well and then blow off the plan … ” That made me laugh out loud! So funny! By the way, I read about ESFJ and it suits you, especially given our great conversation at the Summit!

  6. Michele

    Ah, come on, H … you can DO IT!

    Lucille, let me know what you find out! I need you tell me if my guess is correct or not. 🙂

    And, Deana, I love this: “…preferences, not limitations.” Such wisdom there.

  7. Ashleigh

    ENFJ sooo weird because I would never describe myself as extraverted…

  8. alece

    i’m an ISFJ…

  9. Michele

    So, Alece, does the description of an ISFJ seem to fit? I’ll have to go check it out …

  10. LynnC

    Hi Michele,

    Your words are beautifully composed. You are singing His Song as you write. (The Lord is my Strength and my Song). I’ve enjoyed reading over your journeys and praise to God for all these experiences! Enjoy much needed rest-In Him. I too am an INFJ.
    Your old friend from Tues bible study days, Lynn 🙂


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