Yesterday I took the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II and the DiSC Classic. To me this was about as fun as going to the dentist. It may be good for me but I’m not thrilled about having someone dig around inside.

It took less than an hour, followed by 45 minutes of hashing through the results with a trained evaluator. Ok, so I admit that part was interesting. He said things like, “I would guess that in a social situation you … And perhaps there are times at work when you feel … and when faced with a crisis or challenge you probably respond like … ”

Holy Macaroni. This man is a fortune teller. Seriously, it was like he lived IN MY HEAD. Freaked me out and then made me laugh out loud. I felt UNDERSTOOD.

So, here’s the results: I’m a borderline INFJ/ENFJ (Keirsey) and an C/I (DiSC). The “introvert” piece was surprising, since most people assume I’m a raging extrovert. Actually, I’m split right down the middle on that one. I won’t explain all the results, since I’m so over the self-indulgence. You can check out the links above if you’re interested. And, if you want to play around with an online test yourself, go here.

YOUR TURN. Since my private self is posting this, I’m asking you to do a little of the same. I want to know about YOU. You know, when it comes to relationships, it takes a little bravery to experience the extraordinary.

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