Mephibosheth. Not a name you hear every day, but a name worth remembering.

He’s the crippled son of David’s friend Jonathan (2 Samuel 9). I don’t know if it’s the fact that Mephibosheth had been dropped by his nurse as a child (2 Samuel 4:4), or the tenderness of David’s love for his dead friend’s son that moves me so. Probably a little of both. To some kingly types, having a “lesser man” in your palace would be entirely unacceptable. But not to David. From that day on, David made sure Mephibosheth owned an inheritance and a regular seat at his table.

I love David’s heart. But I ache for Mephibosheth. Years of feeling inadequate left him blind to his value: “What is your servant, that you should notice a dead dog like me?”

Wow. More than this man’s feet were crippled.

We’re all Mephibosheths. The feet may work fine, but that doesn’t mean we walk without a limp. Whether we’ve been let down by someone we trusted or injured by our own bad decisions, every one of us is crippled, stumbling blind to the truth of our value. Jesus says, “This is where you belong. Pull up a chair, we’re family now.”

Like I said, a name worth remembering.

  • Day 134 (Monday): Psalm 32, Psalm 51, Psalm 86, Psalm 122
  • Day 135: 2 Samuel 13-15
  • Day 136: Psalm 3-4, Psalm 12-13, Psalm 28, Psalm 55
  • Day 137: 2 Samuel 16-18
  • Day 138: Psalm 26, Psalm 40, Psalm 58, Psalm 61-62, Psalm 64
  • Day 139: 2 Samuel 19-21
  • Day 140: Psalm 5, Psalm 38, Psalm 41-42

After I posted this, I received an email from a reader who said it reminded her of a song by Leeland, Carried To The Table. Check out the video feed to the right to listen to this beautiful song. And Sue, thank you. This touched my heart more than I can say.