I danced on the piano in worship this weekend.

“For Who You Are” by Marty Sampson (Hillsongs) sat second in the worship set line up. I’d forgotten about this one. It’s a couple years old, which makes it nearly ancient. Regardless, as the band played, the lyrics captivated me.

My soul secure, Your Promise sure, Your love endures … always.

I’d like that to be the tag line of my life. I have a ways to go on that one. Though I appear confident and secure, a little life chaos can shake things up. Which is what’s happened lately.

It makes me wonder if the chorus of this same song is what makes the difference. “I will worship You for who you are” is repeated over and over again, as if it won’t let me stop singing until I get it. And mean it.

The truth is I DON’T. Get it or mean it. I have great intentions and like to throw the phrase around, but the lyrics of my true-heart worship should  often read more like this:

I will worship you for an easy story

I will worship you for what you do

I will worship you for self glory

I will worship you for dreams come true

I aspire to be someone who worships God without condition. Even when He’s unpredictable. Unfathomable. Mysterious. Wild. But I’m selfish. Which means many times the mood of my faith and worship changes according to the events of the day and how I perceive God to be in the midst of them.

How conditional is your worship? And how would your lyric read?

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