The Blog Herald posted this on Thursday. As I read, I lowered my derriere in a hard metal chair, feeling conspicuous in the circle of fellow addicts.

Hi, my name is Michele. I’m addicted to the internet.

I’ve been pulled in 100%. Like a high, I can’t get enough of all the potential for experience, information, connection, and, yes, even ministry. I didn’t realize I had a small knack for it until I worked sales for a computer networking company years ago. Ever since, I’ve been hooked. I geek out on new hardware, gadgets, plugins and social net apps all the time.

But last week I’d had enough. So I took a break from Twitter and Facebook. I scheduled blog posts in advance and avoided my WP dashboard. Yes, I tweeted a couple times and checked in with friends occasionally via DM. But I bumped Tweetdeck from my dashboard (my way to flee temptation), removed most tweets from my phone (they’ll survive without me knowing what’s going on), kept IM chats short, and shut down by dinner almost every night. A week of weeeeannnning. I’m not abandoning it altogether. But, I AM going to keep it from stealing the sweetness of the simple.

It’s. Been. Great. And tough. I missed connecting. Being part of the dialogue. Many of the people with whom I interact don’t live close to me. Some don’t even live on this continent.  Face-time is out of the question, so the internet has become our coffeehouse. And I love it.

But the ugly side of this phenomena has shown me to be an addict. This is where I’m asking for your advice.

Tell me, how do you enjoy the sweetness of the internet without letting it take over your life?

Pull up a metal chair. Lay it on me. I’m listening.