What is Worship?

Apr 14, 2009

Worship is a tough topic to ponder. What is it, really? I’m certain it doesn’t require a building. Or a certain day of the week. Try to cram it into a formula and it will cease to be what it is. You can plan for it, program it, schedule it … and it can still fail to show up.

Clearly worship isn’t what I thought it was when my 7-year-old rear sat in a wooden pew while I sang I’ll Fly Away and wondered if my double dipping in the communion crackers was an unforgivable sin.

I received a beautiful email from a reader and friend last week. Most of it I will not share. With anyone. It’s precious and will lose something of it’s rarity in the publicity. But I will share with you one very poignant line …

“All I know is, no matter what we do or where we are,

even the willingness to  wake up in the morning and try again with all our stuff


Beautiful. That’s what Dare to Live is all about … being willing to wake up one more day, and use

your breath

and life

and even your mess

… to live. For Him.

That’s worship.


  1. Ashleigh

    “being willing to wake up one more day, and use your breath, and life, and even your mess… to live. For Him.”
    I wish you could underline on here because I would underline “Your mess.” This was so great to hear for me right now. It’s all about waking up and using everything you have for Him. Even our messes that we think are the end of the world, or that might be the end of all energy we have. It’s about taking them and seeing God through the fog. And that true worship consists of messes, I guess it’s good to be reassured that God loves us even in our messes. Beautifuly said Michele, love it.

  2. Michele

    Sweet, Ashleigh … you’re life is beautiful to Him. Even if you can’t see it, I can. It’s only beginning to unfold. Can’t wait to watch the rest of the story. I’M WITH YOU.


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