Make Someone’s Day

Apr 23, 2009

He didn’t want to go to school. Not a surprise, since the “I’m done with school” mood usually starts in February and it’s now APRIL, which means the mood has been brewing for a full two months. I’ve tried to cheer him up, pointing out all the great stuff about school (i.e. recess, Thursday pizza day, recess, twelve-year-old girls, recess). Nada. His rotten mood is firmly ensconced, which, I might add, is rather annoying.

Determined, I tried something different when dropping him off at the curb:

“Make someone’s day.”

He didn’t expect that. He thought I’d say “Have a good day” for the millionth time, after which he’d roll his eyes for the millionth time. I had his attention.

“Someone needs you to make their day. Find them. Sitting by themselves at lunch or hiding behind a tree at recess. Look for one person. And then say or do something to make their day. They’re counting on you.”

For the first time in weeks, he eyes sparkled. He still didn’t want to go to school, but now he had a project. His own little “Mission Impossible.” With three simple words, he moved out of the center of the universe and a yet-unknown face entered in. Before the end of the day, that face had a name … Mark. And (YES!!!!) Mark’s day was made by a 12-year-old who took the time to notice.

If pre-pubescent boy who can’t pick up his underwear can leave a “mark” on someone’s day, SO CAN YOU. Are you hearing me? There’s someone who needs you. Regardless of what kind of crappy day you’re having, you can start to change it by affecting someone else’s.

Are you game? Then leave a first name or initials in the comments. I’ll even go first.

I’m counting on you … because a twelve-year-old is coming home from school in a few hours and when he does, I’m showing him the list.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll make his day.


  1. Michele

    Vicky … she needs to know someone is pulling for her. So, I’m going to tell her!

  2. Megan

    I’m going to take the time to speak with Cherene. I know she’s trying to make a difficult decision, and I’m going to call and encourage her.

  3. Sarah

    My hubby’s having a hard day at work, so when I go home I’ll make a nice dinner for him to help him relax. Most importantly, I’m praying for him! Thanks for the inspiration to be a blessing in unexpected circumstances!

  4. Deana

    Great timing girl! – My hubby took a demotion this week rather than a layoff so that we could still have health insurance and make good on our promise to cover our older son’s college tuition (or at least a major chunk of it) – It wasn’t the call he wanted to make because so many people got layed off yesterday, but it was the call he had to make – He was sad this morning when he left, so I emailed him and told him how much I love him and how grateful I am for his sacrifice for the family.

  5. Karen

    You really shouldn’t use “underwear”, “mark” and “crappy” in the same paragraph -teehee 🙂
    I have made a mark today and will encourage my kids to do the same! KOK

  6. Michele

    Oh, Sarah, what a wonderful gesture … both the dinner and prayers for your hubby. He’ll love it.

    Megan, you’re an encourager, even without this post. Thanks for being you.

    Deana, I’m so sorry for the demotion. What a difficult call for him to make. I’m glad he has you today.

    And KOK … still laughing. 🙂

  7. Ashleigh

    Leighanna, my beautiful little sister who is trying to figure out who she is and what family she will end up staying with since adoption can be messy. Terrible stuff for an 8 year old, but she handles it with grace. She needs to know I’m her biggest fan and loudest cheerleader. I think a little care package might be on it’s way to Boulder this afternoon. 🙂

  8. Robyn Beckley Vining


    my day is near over, but i did “give up” my morning to myself to go into my son’s classroom and help out. I was met with a “you’re making me happy today, mommy” this afternoon. he told me he was proud to have me at school because i am his mommy.

    and now is the point in the day when i pretend i’m not too exhausted to shift gears into hosting our Thursday night group. They’re supposed to leave at 9pm every week; they never leave til 11.

    again- brilliant.
    & props to your son.

  9. Deana

    Okay I *love* karen’s comment – raising boys that is too funny.

    And thanks Michele. He’ll be okay – he is very passionate about what he does, loves his job and the company, he’s just hurting for his friends. He’s kinda like that – very much a people person. He’ll bounce back.

    That was a great thing to tell your son, I need to remember that and try with mine sometime.

  10. Michele

    Sweetness … “You’re making me happy today, mommy” … Robyn, that is better ‘n candy. Love that. Looks like you’re making each other’s day quite nicely.

    Ashes, I’m so glad Leighanna has you. She’s a lucky girl.


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