Seven4Seven: Week 24

Apr 26, 2009

“Preserve sound judgment and discernment, do not let them out of your sight; they will be life for you, an ornament to grace your neck.”

~ Proverbs 3:21

Small boxes often hold the sweetest gifts. I know this. I’m a woman. And I like stuff that comes in itty-bitty boxes. Especially when the “stuff” inside sparkles with a diamond-esque quality.

Oh, I know you know what I mean.

This gift didn’t have much in the way of diamonds, but it had a lot of heart. In fact, it WAS a heart. A mixture of gold and silver, dangling from a delicate chain, the perfect size and length to drape around my neck. It was the first anniversary of our first date, and Troy gave me this reminder of our time together in an itty-bitty box. One of my most treasured gifts, I lifted my hair and allowed him to put it around my neck. And then, of course, I proceeded to NEVER TAKE IT OFF AGAIN.

Eventually it broke (from being worn every stinking day), which made me very, very sad. But then our 5th wedding anniversary came around, and wouldn’t you know it: sitting in front of me was an itty-bitty box, a new heart necklace inside. Around my neck it remains to this day.

Solomon knew the value of wisdom above all other gifts. Though it appeared small compared with wealth, power and success, he understood that the greatest gifts often come in unassuming packages. However, he also understood that asking for wisdom and then refusing to “wear” it wouldn’t do any good at all. Which is why urged us to never let it “out of your sight.”

Drape a little wisdom around your neck today. It holds life for you.

  • Day 162 (Monday): 2 Chronicles 2-3, 1 Kings 5-6
  • Day 163: 2 Chronicles 4, 1 Kings 7
  • Day 164: 2 Chronicles 5, 1 Kings 8
  • Day 165: 2 Chronicles 6-7, Psalms 136
  • Day 166: Psalms 134, 146-150
  • Day 167: 2 Chronicles 8, 1 Kings 9
  • Day 168: Proverbs 25-26


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