After following in Solomon’s footsteps through Proverbs and Ecclesiastes last week, I know I’ve been doused in a deep bath of wisdom. What a writer! Each verse he penned is rich, and ingesting them all together is akin to eating too much dessert. It made my head spin trying to absorb it all.

Reading through 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles revealed that both nobility and even ordinary people traveled from afar to catch a glimpse of Solomon’s grandeur. Something was different about this king. He talked different, acted different, and even looked different. All because of the gift of wisdom God gave him.

Which makes me wonder: I’ve been given this great gift of wisdom called “The Bible.” So have you. But has the wisdom made it to my face? Do I act different, talk different, even look different because of it? I have all the hope I could ever ask for sandwiched between Genesis and Revelation. I’ve read it many times and can recite the verses and recount the stories.

But does my face reflect the truth?

All this wisdom of the world doesn’t matter one iota if it doesn’t change the person who holds the gift.

“Wisdom brightens a man’s face and changes its hard appearance.” ~ Ecclesiastes 8:1

  • Day 176 (Monday): 2 Chronicles 13-16, 1 Kings 15
  • Day 177: 1 Kings 16, 2 Chronicles 17
  • Day 178: 1 Kings 17-19
  • Day 179: 1 Kings 20-21
  • Day 180: 2 Chronicles 18, 1 Kings 22
  • Day 181: 2 Chronicles 19-23
  • Day 182: Obadiah 1, Psalm 82-83