I ran the Bolder Boulder on Monday for the fourth time. If you live in Colorado and don’t know about the Bolder Boulder, you must live in a hole. It’s the biggest and baddest 10K in the US. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 people run/jog/walk in this race which ends in Folsom Field Stadium on the campus of Colorado University. The race course winds through the heart of Boulder, thick with eccentric culture. Belly dancers cheer the runners while homeowners (commune members?) hand out glasses of beer, strips of bacon and bags of granola (um, maybe not) to interested runners. Me? I can think of few things I’d want less than beer and bacon while I’m running 6.2 miles. But hey … to each his own.

I had a great run. It was one of those races where I purposely held myself back expecting to lose steam around mile 4 or 5. To my delight, I felt energized right until the end and had fully recovered within minutes of the finish. The older I get, the less I take this for granted!

The best part of the race was the two people who went with me. Laura and Venus drove up with me for the day, to people-watch and Michele-cheer (the pic is Laura and I at the finish). What’s cooler than that?!?! When I turned the corner at Mile 1 and saw their smiling faces, I turned from the tortoise into the hare. But the best surprise came 5 miles later when I entered Folsom Field and saw my Troy waiting at the finish line. He’s seen me run races and triathlons plenty of times before, and I didn’t expect him to show up this time. But THIS TIME it meant everything.

You can’t run someone else’s race, but you can give them the steam to keep running and finish well. All it takes is showing up at key points on the journey and shouting again and again, “I believe in you! You can DO this!”

Who are you cheering for?

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