I’m having a moment.

Sitting in 33C on American Airlines to Miami and, I KID YOU NOT, God is more real in this moment than the can of cranberry juice sitting on my tray table and the Office episode playing on the screen. I’m listening to some Travis Cottrell goodness on my iPod and thinking the current shuffled choice is near perfecto to backdrop to this moment …

In the name of the Father,
In the name of the Son,
In the name of the Spirit,
Lord we come.
We’re gathered together
To lift up your name,
To call on our Savior
To fall on your grace

Here the joyful sound of our offering
As your saints bow down,
As your people sing.
We will rise with You,
Lifted on Your wings
And the world will see that …

Our God saves
Our God saves
There is hope
In Your Name.
Mourning turns
To songs of praise
Our God saves
Our God saves …

Says it all.

(Lyrics = Our God Saves, by Paul Baloche)