• Up at 4:30 am. LOVE LOVE LOVE mornings.
  • At the airport by 6 am, where we checked in TWELVE suitcases, most of which are donated items and all of which BARELY passed the 50 lb weight limit (and that doesn’t include our 12 carry-ons). Watching us navigate the airport is like watching a traveling circus.
  • Confirmed that one nameless child DID, in fact, pack adequate pairs of underwear (to appreciate the significance, you’ll have to catch up on my Facebook page)
  • Also confirmed that one nameless child DID, in fact, forget to pack a towel after repeated reminders from frustrated mother. [sigh] Someone will have to use his extra underwear to dry off after his shower.
  • Picked up a ginormous  cup of Hazelnut Vanilla deliciousness with a splash of half-n-half. Steamy heaven-in-a-cup which made me forget the towel mishap.
  • Reminisced about last year’s Africa trip with Laura (yes, she still wants to travel with me, believe it or not). Warned her to stay away from hairy cream cheese.
  • Enjoyed a perfect four-hour flight to Miami, during which I desperately tried to sleep … but couldn’t due to the lingering effects of the delicious Hazelnut Vanilla yumminess.
  • Noticed the same Hazelnut Vanilla didn’t have the insomniac effect on Laura. dsc_0007
  • Arrived in Miami unscathed, claimed all 12 pieces of luggage, and entertained Miami travelers with our traveling circus all the way to the hotel.
  • Listened to a 12, 15 and 16 year old talk excitedly about what’s to come. (Who says short-term mission trips are on the out?)

Now we’re biting nails and tapping toes as we count down the minutes and seconds until we board tomorrow’s plane to Port-au-Prince. Don’t know what’s in store, but looking forward to God’s writing of the story.

Bring it.