I’ve been thinking about how easily I become distracted by all the wrong things. Things like the pursuit of significance, the drive to perform, the desire for approval, the taste of success. Sure, I know better, but the reality is that often I get caught in the web of American culture that screams “You’re only as valuable as your list of achievements.”

God sent Isaiah to speak to a bunch of people who were sitting in my rocking boat. Lured by the wrong things, they’d neglected the safety of following God for the thrill of the next big thing. And rebellion is never a good idea.

My point? In absorbing the history, don’t forget to make it personal.

  • Day 197 (Monday): Isaiah 13-17
  • Day 198: Isaiah 18-22
  • Day 199: Isaiah 23-27
  • Day 200: 2 Kings 18, 2 Chronicles 29-31, Psalm 48
  • Day 201: Hosea 1-7
  • Day 202: Hosea 8-14
  • Day 203: Isaiah 28-30