The Haitian people know how to TEAR IT UP in worship. This morning we joined a church full of Christians for a Sunday morning service that blew my hands right out of my pockets. Music, preaching, prayer, testimonies … and then when they dove into Trading My Sorrows in full voice, I nearly pulled a John Travolta in the aisles.

That kind of joy is hard to come by, but the best kind to find. It’s not sourced in a career or cars or who you know or how well-stocked your kitchen is. That kind of don’t-hold-anything-back joy comes from a heart that KNOWS what being loved by the High King of heaven feels like. I want that kind of joy, but I wonder the cost: Would I have to give it all up so that He is all I’m holding on to? I remember Jesus saying something similar to one rich young ruler (Matthew 19:16-26). It’s making me think hard and deep about where my joy comes from.

If you were to lose every tangible source of joy—house, job, food, air-conditioning, television, even the comfort of a clean shower and a toothbrush—could you still find reason to sing and dance?