Haiti Journal: Unquenchable Joy

Jun 8, 2009

The Haitian people know how to TEAR IT UP in worship. This morning we joined a church full of Christians for a Sunday morning service that blew my hands right out of my pockets. Music, preaching, prayer, testimonies … and then when they dove into Trading My Sorrows in full voice, I nearly pulled a John Travolta in the aisles.

That kind of joy is hard to come by, but the best kind to find. It’s not sourced in a career or cars or who you know or how well-stocked your kitchen is. That kind of don’t-hold-anything-back joy comes from a heart that KNOWS what being loved by the High King of heaven feels like. I want that kind of joy, but I wonder the cost: Would I have to give it all up so that He is all I’m holding on to? I remember Jesus saying something similar to one rich young ruler (Matthew 19:16-26). It’s making me think hard and deep about where my joy comes from.

If you were to lose every tangible source of joy—house, job, food, air-conditioning, television, even the comfort of a clean shower and a toothbrush—could you still find reason to sing and dance?


  1. Diane Shaw

    I saw that kind of joy in Nigeria.
    It is a joy that comes from absolute trust in God and His Word.
    They are not like us, we try everything and when nothing works we go to God in prayer. They begin with prayer. They are rich in their relationship with God.
    When you have nothing, but have God, you have everything.

  2. Jan Parrish

    Can you bottle it up and bring some home to the states?

  3. Michele

    I don’t have a bottle, Jan, but I plan to bring some of it home with me.

    Wow, Diane … “When you have nothing, but have God, you have everything.” Why do we have such a difficult time understanding this in the United States? We know it, but struggle to live it.

  4. Leah Ann

    Fave Writer:

    I’m so loving following the story of your adventure in Haiti! Tell sweet Laura hello for me…..I’m praying for you all.

    What I wouldn’t give to have been worshiping there with you. What a blessing to see, experience, and hear…. Even more, what a blessing for the Lord God to behold all of you exalting and praising Him with all your hearts. It doesn’t get any better than that….

  5. Michele

    Hey, Leah Ann! Good to see you … Yes, I’ll tell Laura hello for you. Thanks for all the prayers. I wish you were here with us, too! It’s truly amazing. Love these beautiful people. It will be tough to leave! See you soon, dear friend.


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