All these stories of good kings and bad kings gives me indigestion. I keep trying to find some kind of pattern, a formula that predicts how to make sure young princes grow up to be the good guys. This is important. Why? Because I’m raising three princes of my own and I want to get it right.

But I can’t see how any of the math works. There are Godly Kings with wretched sons, and wretched kings with Godly sons. And often the most vile boasted the longest reign while the good guys get knocked off. Whaaaa?

One thing is for certain: God sees them all. Nothing escapes his notice. Not the secret wickedness of bad king or the small righteous attempts of a good king attempting to make wrongs right. And though the timing and methods can’t be predicted, every last decision will be brought to account.

Maybe that’s the key to the formula: keeping the reality of a holy God front and center.

  • Day 211 (Monday): Isaiah 54-58
  • Day 212: Isaiah 59-63
  • Day 213: Isaiah 64-66
  • Day 214: 2 Kings 20-21
  • Day 215: 2 Chronicles 32-33
  • Day 216: Nahum 1-3
  • Day 217: 2 Kings 22-23, 2 Chronicles 34-35