Modesty appears to be a relic of the past.

I noticed it when I drove through Kansas, the billboards leaving nothing to the imagination (Kansas? Auntie Em’s girdle would be in a tangle). I noticed it Tuesday when I went to a pool filled with teenagers doing their best–and wearing their least–to hook up (Seriously, if I combined all the swim suits worn by these precious teenage girls, I might –MIGHT–have enough fabric for a hankie). And I noticed it when we went to see Transformers II on Saturday. What could have been a great movie wasn’t because they substituted innuendos and cheap laughs for good writing.

Nothing makes us blush anymore.

I used to blush at the drop of a hat. Anything beyond the bounds of absolute decorum would raise the heat in my cheeks. Which was, actually, quite embarrassing. Who wants the flaming red face in the crowd?

I think I do. I thought about this a lot at the movies on Saturday and the pool on Tuesday. I discussed it with a group of friends over dinner Tuesday night. And Wednesday morning I read Jeremiah 6:14-15, followed by Jeremiah 8:11-12 on Thursday.

I’m picking up the hint of a theme …

Maybe I’m prudish, but I want to be the kind of girl who knows how to blush.

  • Day 225 (Monday): Jeremiah 23-25
  • Day 226: Jeremiah 26-29
  • Day 227: Jeremiah 30-31
  • Day 228: Jeremiah 32-34
  • Day 229: Jeremiah 35-37
  • Day 230: Jeremiah 38-40, Psalm 74, Psalm 79
  • Day 231: 2 Kings 24-25, 2 Chronicles 36