I like you, do you know that?

Doing this blog thing together, reading your words, following your tweets, catching up on Facebook, meeting for coffee … I love our friendship. You’ve become an important piece of my life and my community.

Because of that I know you’ll understand what I’m going to say next:

I’m taking a short break.

Only a teensy-weensy one, and not from you, but from all the Twitter/Blogging/Facebook ballyhoo. No need to worry, send me a card or question my emotional health. This temporary hiatus is coming in response to GOOD developments in my life (sorry, but I need to leave some of that a mystery). I’m being pulled to a quiet corner, away from the noise, as if Someone wants to whisper an important secret in my ear. I want to listen with my whole heart, to spend invested time with my family, to discern what’s next in my writing, to allow myself some creative exploration, and be immersed in the sweet inspiration of The Moment.

I plan to be back online July 20, but that is yet to be determined. Just in case, I’ve scheduled Seven4Seven posts for the next month.

If you need me, I’m not far. I hope you know that.

Thanks for being in my life.