It’s been four weeks since we last talked. How the heck have you been? June escapes me, and July is a blur. It’s hard to believe (1) it’s August, and (2) it’s actually been four weeks since I last drafted a post for this here blog. You’d think I’d be rested by now, but here’s a sampling of what I’ve been up to:

  • Six days after returning from Haiti, a house-guest-in-transition moved into our basement and spent a month with us. Loved it.
  • Co-led a DCW in Cleveland, OH for a group of missionaries and pastors with the Christian & Missionary Alliance. AMAZING group of people. I could blog for a month just about the conversations we shared over five days.
  • Left Cleveland bound for Kansas City, where the high school youth of Mountainview Community Christian Church picked me up on the way to a Christ In Youth Conference in Illinois. HOWEVER (nothing like a ill-placed “however”), a frantic flight attendant bumped me from my Ohio plane and rerouted me through Washington, DC where I watched the sun set on the Washington Monument before again taking off for Kansas City. (If reading this bullet makes you tired, you have a sampling of how I felt after dragging myself into my dive of a hotel at 11:3o PM).
  • Spent an exhausting, inspiring, challenging, stretching, amazing week with 30 high school students and sponsors in Carbondale, IL on the campus of Southern Illinois University. If you’ve never heard of Christ in Youth, check it out. I first attended in 1984 and it’s a big part of why I am who I am today.
  • Sent my 12-year-old to Dallas for a one-week mission trip/service project.
  • Sent my 15-year-old to Grandma and Grandpa’s in Las Vegas
  • Sent my 17-year-old to his room (okay, not really …)
  • Spent a day at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs writing with my favorite authors.
  • Drove to Vail, CO where I was wined and dined by my man.
  • Turned 38 years old. THIRTY FREAKING EIGHT.

Squeezed into the cracks of any spare time, I biked, swam and ran myself crazy; took my boys to Transformers II and Troy to The Ugly Truth; caught up with old friends I’ve neglected; initiated our boat into the summer ski season; and read no less than a half dozen books.

Good times. Good times.

So, what have you been up to?

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