THIS is where I spent Thursday and Friday of last week. Not in Chicago, where the Leadership Summit was hosted (I love Chicago). But at a satellite location in the Denver, CO area. I am one of 120,000 people internationally who joined this year’s Leadership Summit, some in person and many more via satellite. And I loved it.

This is not a first for me … I grew up in Illinois and have long been familiar with Willow Creek and their Summit. However, this year’s line-up of speakers was fresh, and my heart is a new organ from when I last attended a couple years ago. All this means that my thought processes and vision were stretched and challenged and refreshed. And that’s a very, very good thing.

I can’t possibly encapsulate everything I learned, and I’m still processing. But I can provide you with a few highlights. A handful of my favorite quotes are below:

  • “The best thing you bring to the table of your organization every day is a filled up bucket & a heart that is right with God.” ~ Bill Hybels, Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church and author many, MANY times over.
  • “The longer you’re down in your trenches, the easier it is to mistake the edge of your rut for the horizon.” ~ Gary Hamel, Director, Management Innovation Lab; Visiting Professor, London Business School
  • “The main thing separating you from God is not your sin; it is your damnable reason for your good works.” ~ Tim Keller, author of The Prodigal God (I AM buying this book) and the bestselling The Reason For God, among others.
  • “The really hard thing is not inventing, but re-inventing yourself and bringing about change.” ~ Gary Hamel
  • RE: The Parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 … “Both the older brother and younger brother are alienated from the Father’s heart. Both want his money. One does this by being very bad (irreligious) and the other does this by being very good (very religious).” ~ Tim Keller
  • “Success is a self-correcting phenomena.” ~ Gary Hamel (Cheese-whiz, this guy is GOOD!)
  • “Most leaders have the paralysis of analysis.” ~ Harvey Carey, Senior Pastor, Citadel of Faith Covenant Church, Detroit, MI
  • “I think we don’t see the breadth of God’s power because we don’t create a context for the fulfillment of his word.” ~ Harvey Carey

Any favorites?

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