My hubs and I aren’t known for our communication skillage. In fact, it’s often the source of much rib-jabbing from our friends. Most times they know more about what our spouse is up to than we do.

Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that we email each other while sitting in the same house. We both work from home; he runs his construction business and I remotely manage Dynamic Communicators Workshops (Ken Davis Productions, Inc.). With noses in our work, we’re too busy to get up and walk to the other room in order to ask a simple question. So, we email. Or IM. Or Facebook.

Thus the reason we need communication therapy. Among other types of therapy.

Today’s internet interaction was about an upcoming appointment for our oldest son’s senior pictures, during which we’re also going to attempt a family shot. Shouldn’t be that difficult, as it doesn’t require anyone to really TALK.

EMAIL FROM ME: “The photographer is scheduled for 4:45 pm.”

EMAIL REPLY FROM HIM: “What would she like us to wear?”

ME: “Clothes.”

Feeling a little snarky, I followed up with: “And red bulbous clown noses.”

(What can I say? Seemed like a stupid question to me.)

He wrote nothing in response, but attached this pic to an empty email.

What a clown. (Why do I have to be the one with a rotting black tooth????)