I enjoy the occasional glass of red wine. Cabernet, typically, but don’t mind a Pinot Noir, either. But that’s not why John 2:1-11 is my favorite miracle in the Bible.

I love that it takes place at a wedding. And I love that Jesus’ mom is there (good stuff always happens when us moms are around, true?). And I love that the unthinkable happens (“No more wine?!?!?!”), and that Jesus’ is completely unruffled by it. And I love that Jesus’ mom winks at the servants and simply says, “Do whatever He says.” And I love how the servants are privy to the miracle, but the wedding guests don’t have a clue (their glasses are full–what do they care?). And I love the miracle happens in huge ceremonial washing jars, the ones people used to try and be “clean” for God.

And I love that the One who would forever make them clean was standing in wedding clothes in the “jar” of human flesh.

All that to say, John 2 is my favorite miracle because 1). It’s his official “Hi, I’m the One you’ve been waiting for” announcement, and 2). It’s ripe with humanity.

And that’s the good part of the Good News. Divinity meets humanity.

Isn’t it beautiful?

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