I trekked to the grocery store tonight. Two hours, two carts, and two lists later, I was heading home with enough groceries to feed a small country (yes, that fact did not escape my notice OR my conscience).

We’re going camping in Wyoming this weekend. Four days, three nights, one tent, one black lab, five males, one female (uh, that would be me), one boat, zero showers and countless hot dogs and Oreos.

I’m not sure y’all appreciate how much food it takes to keep teenage boys happy for four days.

As I already said, enough groceries to feed a small country. And I’m not kidding. You should see the back of my truck right now. It’s ridiculous how packed it is. And we decided to keep it SIMPLE this time around.

The point of this entire post is that I’m taking off and signing off for the next four days. I’ll return sometime Monday night–late–and will immediately need to find something to feed my boys. Because, of course, they will be STARVING.

That means I’ll see you Tuesday. Between now and then, know that I’m thinking about you. A little. In between throwing marshmallows and cheez-its at temperamental boys.

Have a great weekend!