Writers spend their days with words. Nursing, coddling, weighing and occasionally wrestling a wayward one to the floor. There are a few pesky critters, however, that need to be shot. Often over-used, these words are speed bumps to a reader, interrupting the groove and ambiance like ants at a picnic. Annoying.

Whether your a blogger, storyteller, twitterer, novelist, emailer, memo-drafter or article-crafter, keep a shot-gun (or the “delete” key) and this short list nearby. And if more than two or three start to gang up on you, shoot the lot of them right off the paper.

  • began to
  • decided
  • for the most part
  • going to
  • immediately
  • it
  • it was
  • just
  • just then
  • like
  • might
  • often
  • rather
  • really
  • slowly
  • some
  • sometimes
  • started to
  • suddenly
  • sure
  • that
  • though
  • to
  • to be
  • usually
  • very
  • was
  • well
  • were
  • wonder

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