No More iPhone

Oct 15, 2009

I lost a few pounds four weeks ago. Yep, after nearly three years with two cell phones, I downsized to one. Bye-bye iPhone.

At first I felt naked. My back pocket was missing it’s close companion. It was so … so … empty. Like sweet friends who moved away, I missed my apps. After all, I’d invested a lot of time into developing our relationship: Twitterific, Facebook, iWeather, Sudoku, Dictionary, WordPress. Now I had no one to share a couch and cuppa in Starbucks. Not to mention I hardly know how to dress for the day anymore: Is it going to be cold? Hot? Rainy? I can’t remember what I did before my phone did it all for me.

After a week of nakedness, I went to the Verizon store (love Verizon) to see about upgrading my three-year-old-hand-me-down phone into something more interactive. And shiny. I looked at the Storm, the Tour, and even asked about soon-to-be-released, latest-and-greatest phones. So many possibilities! All new, sleek and fast. Each included a web browser, email, and downloadable apps including (wait for it) … weather updates. It was all so exciting.

And I turned around and walked right out that store.

What? Why did I leave without moving back up the phone chain? Because, I realized I actually enjoyed the QUIET.

Freedom from the constant alerts and messages. Freedom from the never-ending flow of emails to my phone. Freedom from feeling like I’m missing out on the global conversation if I don’t check in with Twitter every twelve-and-a-half minutes. Without the world at my fingertips, I could share dinner with a friend and be fully present. I could watch a game with my hubs without the interruption of message alerts. Absent was the pressure to check in with my apps, the competition for my undivided attention.

I am iPhone free. And I like it.

Connection doesn’t equal relationship.

Did you hear that? CONNECTION DOESN’T EQUAL RELATIONSHIP. You can connect all you want and still boast only superficial relationships. Relationship require something of us. And though cool phones with fabulous apps make connection easier than ever before, authentic relationship still requires the same old formula: Mutual desire + Intentionality + Hard work.

I believe shedding a few pounds has enriched my relationships. That means, for now, I’m loving the slimmer me.

Is there anything you need to lose in order to gain deeper connection?


  1. Celeste Barnard

    Wow- First the sugar, now this! I am impressed! God is at work! A couple weeks ago I blogged a story about losing my Iphone. Kind of a different spin, though. This is good and so true… connection doesn’t equal relationship!!
    So..when can do we do lunch? 🙂 Call me on my iphone! ;} (lol..)
    Have as blessed day! Celeste

  2. Rhonda

    AMEN sister—preach it!!! I know so many people that extol the virtues of their IPhones and other such devices that keep them “connected”. To what? And more importantly, why? How sad that we’ve become a society where employers expect their employees to be “johnny on the spot” in handling any situation. Too many times I’ve seen relationship interrupted as a junkie begins to twitch at the slightest ping or buzz of their beloved mistress. Perhaps I feel strongly about this…but you’ll never see me twitter or purchase a phone on which to check my emails for just the reasons you’ve listed. If I can’t wait until I can access my computer or pick up a phone, I need to take a deep, hard look inside…

  3. Loretta

    You’re scaring me…sugar, iphone, what next? Please don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Don’t make it so we all have to be good! I’m calling “foul” on this one! Just stop, right now…I mean it.

    However, I do like the post… 😉


  4. Jan Parrish

    I stopped all my cell phone tweets from coming to my phone as well as emails. Just too many interruptions. I felt pressured to answer and tweet and I was not able to get peace. I don’t miss it either – well, mostly. 🙂

  5. Deana OHara

    Very nice. It’s been fun learning about all the cool stuff that is out there – and you were the one who told me to “hold technology lightly, don’t marry it.” – ;-D We were at the summit and I’d never seen an I-Phone before.

    All of that stuff out there are nice tools meant to enhance relationships maybe, but never to replace them.

    I have a cell phone – no apps, just voicemail and texting, and I like it that way. Granted, I forget to charge it most days and that’s okay, I’m not married to it.

    Hugs, Deana

  6. Michele

    Ha! Maybe I am getting slightly fanatical … no sugar, no iPhone. Who knew? Seriously, I’ve been thinking more and more lately that my life is not my own — I’ve been intentionally redeemed. I want to be wholly ready for whatever God has next, including keeping my head and heart healthy AND loving the people I’ve been given with everything I have. There may come a time when sugar and a cool phone is okay. But for now, both were interfering with my communion. And communion means more to me than either one.

  7. Jerolyn

    Wow Michele, you are so right on. It’s so refreshing and encouraging to be challenged to keep our hearts focused on Christ. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  8. Michele

    Thanks, Jerolyn! Your encouragement is always such a gift to me.

  9. Denise Miller Holmes

    I couldn’t agree more. Connection is just the start, and if you’re so busy and distracted with the phone squawking at you, do you have the time and presence of mind to actually talk? Probably not. Good post, Michele.

  10. keith ferrin

    Sounds similar to what Jonah said – while actually in the fish: “Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.” Hmmm….

  11. Michele

    Thanks for your input, Denise. And Keith, that verse (and Jonah’s story!) never crossed my mind in the writing of the post, but how appropriate! An interesting connection. I’m going to have to chew on that one a while …

  12. Audra Krell

    Honestly, I think twitter is to blame for a lot of the disconnection. I have never had my updates come to my iPhone and I think that has kept me connected to the people I’m presently with. At the same time, I’ve been tweeting for over 18 months and haven’t had my 1000th tweet yet. I’m not exactly building the twitter profile and relationships required for a writer’s platform….but we’ll see what happens.


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