Laura Petherbridge is doing something many others won’t do: She’s a Christian writing and talking about divorce, remarriage and stepfamilies. And I say GOOD FOR HER.

A couple weeks ago I posted this article about Laura’s new book and corresponding conference, A Smart Stepmom. Laura and I connected for dinner the night before her Denver appearance (a delight!), and then I had the privilege of dropping in for part of her conference. All I can say is this resource is a LIFE PRESERVER of hope and camaraderie to stepmoms. I also received a copy of her book, and within minutes of perusing the pages I discovered countless chunks of information that can transform a frustrated, discouraged stepmom into a hopeful one.

I can’t tell you how glad I am that she’s dared to write this book (with the esteemed Ron Deal). And, even more so, that she’s tirelessly traveling to take this message to stepmoms all over the United States. It is a long overdue resource, and one that can impact today’s family in a huge way.

My only frustration is this: I believe the church should be on the front lines of difficult issues, especially those which involve broken people. So why has it taken us so long?

For too long there’s been virtual silence on these complex, heartbreaking issues. And I say enough is enough. Perhaps our silence is sourced in ignorance. We don’t know how to help, are afraid to say something wrong, and so hold back. Been there. Then again, maybe we’re silent because we’re afraid any conversation about the subject of divorce will end up condoning it. As if assisting those who are struggling with post-divorce consequences will be absolved of guilt and more likely to do it again and again if we offer a loving hand. Sheesh. Perhaps there are other reasons I’m not thinking of. But second families fail at the rate of 72%. With those kind of numbers, can we afford NOT to address the unique struggles of stepfamilies?

That’s why Jesus came, right? To love the broken?

Thanks, Laura, for daring to love so well.