(You might want to read my killer headline again. Sparks of genius like that come around only every 3rd year.)

November is National Novel Writing Month (www.NaNoWriMo.org), and I’ve accepted the challenge to write at least 50,000 words from November 1 – 30. The good news is I wrote almost 3,000 words yesterday. The bad news is I still have over 47,000 to go and won’t be blogging much in November.

I’m a writer first. A blogger second. I don’t write to support the blogging; I blog to support the writing. Both are important for different reasons. But for me, blogging is really a community thing, like sitting around a giant table in coffee shop with a handful of good friends and hours of engaging conversation. I love it. Just as I can’t afford to sit in a coffee shop for the rest of my life (wouldn’t it be dreamy???), there are times when I need to push my chair back from the blog table and get a little work done.

November is such a time. I took a little break in July, but for different reasons that what I’m doing now. This month I’m working on both a non-fiction and fiction book, which means I’ll be tackling word count for both. Ideally, I’d like to write during the weeks only and take a break on the weekends. However, that means I need to write just under 2,400 words every week day.

All this to say I won’t be posting much this month, if at all (other than Seven4Seven, of course). I’ll try to keep you apprised to my progress.

By the way, in the event you were wondering, I’m not the LEAST bit opposed to over-the-top cheering, and gifts of chocolate and java are mucho appreciated as well as story ideas for those moments when fingers stiffen and eyes glaze over.

Three cheers for November!