Long races do more sifting than short ones.

Although nearly everyone who enters a 5k finishes it, fewer finish a 10K, or half-marathon, or marathon. The latter tests a person’s stamina and emotional strength, sifting those with only good intentions from those determined to see it through to the end.

A few miles in, the starting line enthusiasm begins to fizzle, replaced by physical strain and exhaustion. A handful of people decide to walk, a few stop altogether. With each mile, more runners walk and more people drop out until there are far fewer runners crossing the finish than began the race. Some finishers run across the finish; others walk or limp. But it really doesn’t matter how that line is crossed, only that it’s crossed.

It’s week 51 of a 52 week journey. And you’ve been stretched. Maybe it’s taken you longer than you thought. Maybe you’re limping through the last couple hundred yards. Maybe you gave up running for walking a long while back, and the Bible-in-a-year thing turned into a Bible-in-a-lifetime thing. Either way, you’re almost at the finish line.

And I just wanted to say ONE. THING.

You’re almost there. Don’t quit.

See you at the finish.

  • Day 351 (Monday): Philippians 1-4
  • Day 352: 1 Timothy 1-6
  • Day 353: Titus 1-3
  • Day 354: 1 Peter 1-5
  • Day 355: Hebrews 1-6
  • Day 356: Hebrews 7-10
  • Day 357: Hebrews 11-13