The last week of Seven4Seven, and I’m not sure what to say.

I could talk about what a long year it’s been, and how proud I am of you for accepting the challenge and following it through.

I could remind you keep a big-picture perspective on this journey, seeing an overarching view of the Bible story starting with creation, continuing with the challenges of humanity, piquing with our redemption through Christ, and concluding with the issuance of eternity someday in the near future.

I could mention that this is only part of your bigger adventure, that more remains to be explored and questioned and understood.

I could reassure you that although you undoubtedly have many lingering questions and unknowns, God’s ultimate goal is to reveal himself to you. And He will.

But more than anything else I want you to remember this:

The Bible is a love story. The greatest love story of all time. And I hope somewhere in the past twelve months, you’ve started to see yourself in the story more clearly, and have fallen deeper in love with the One who did it all simply for you.

  • Day 358 (Monday): 2 Timothy 1-4
  • Day 359: Jude 1, 2 Peter 1-3
  • Day 360: 1 John 1-5
  • Day 361: 2 John 1, 3 John 1
  • Day 362: Revelation 1-5
  • Day 363: Revelation 6-11
  • Day 364: Revelation 12-18
  • Day 365: Revelation 19-22

(NOTE: This last week actually has 8 days of reading, to total 365 … for those of you who wondered if it was a mistake. 🙂 )